Sagae [Fluctans Variegated]
Hosta 'Sagae' Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens

  • Hybridizer: AHS 1987
  • Bloom Time: mid summer
  • Bloom Colour: pale lavender
  • Leaf Colour: green with creamy white margin
  • Diameter:
  • 91-127 cm (36-50 in)
  • Height:
  • 60-91 cm (24-36 in)

About This Hosta

'Sagae' is a must have for every hosta colletion and is always in the top twenty on any hosta popularity poll. The heart shaped leaves are frosted green with wide irregular margins that really stand out in a shady site. 'Sagae' also has a very upright growth habit allowing it to be underplanted with other hostas or companion perennials. There is little sgreement in hosta reference books on the height and spread of Sage. in our garden it makes a very large clump that is at least 80 cm tall and 90 cm wide. A mature clump of this hosta is an impressive sight.