Rosa Rise Up Lilac Days

Available mid May

Rosa 'Rise Up Lilac Days' photo courtesy of Spring Meadow Nursery

Hybrid Rose

Peoven Winners calls the Rise Up series "mini climbers," because they keep a neat, dense habit and can be grown as a climber or a shrub rose, depending on how the gardener prunes or trains them. Rise Up Lilac Days® has a unique lilac-blue color, powerful, heady fragrance, and versatile habit making it the ideal addition to landscapes and gardens.

  • Height: 1.5-2.44 m (5-8 ft)
  • Spread: 61-122 cm (2- 4 ft)
  • Hardiness: Zone 4-9
  • Sun or Shade: minimum 6 hours of direct sun
  • Bloom Time: summer with rebloom
  • Leaf Colour: green
  • Bloom Colour: lilac-blue
  • Nature Attraction: bees

Growing and Maintenance Tips

Although the Proven Winner roses are resistant to powdery mildew and black spot, proper care and siting is important. Plant where it will get at least six - and ideally, eight or more - hours of bright sun each day. Avoid wetting the leaves when you water, or if you have a sprinkler system, adjust the head so that it waters the soil rather than the plant.  To keep it looking great, simply prune back by at least one third its total height each early spring, just as the new buds begin to emerge on the stems. Make your cut just above a thick, healthy bud, as these produce the most vigorous growth. If desired it can also be fertilized at this time.  The plant may be deadheaded if desired, but this is not required for continuous bloom.

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