Salvia Fashionista Midnight Model
Salvia Fashionista Midnight Model

Perennial Salvia

Salvia 'Midnight Model' is part of the FASHIONISTA® Collection of Salvia. The Salvia in this collection display big, bold blooms in an array of striking colours. 'Midnight Model' has violet blue flowers that are produced in a round, dense clump. It is an improvement over other blue Salvia on the market.

  • Height: 51-61 cm (20-24 in)
  • Spread: 51-56 cm (20-22 in)
  • Cold Hardiness: Zone 3-8
  • Sun or Shade: sun
  • Bloom Time: late spring to early summer
  • Leaf Colour: green
  • Bloom Colour: purple blue
  • Critter Resistance: deer and rabbits
  • Nature Attraction: butterflies, hummingbirds and bees

Growing and Maintenance Tips

Salvia ia an easy perennial to grow in most gardens. It likes full sun and is quite drought tolerant. Deadheading the spent flowers will encourage rebloom from the side shoots. When all bloom is finished cut it to the basal rosette. It will often bloom again although not as prolifically.