Platycodon Astra Double Blue
Platycodon Astra Double Blue photo courtesy of Walters Gardens

Balloon Flower

Balloon like buds burst open into semi-double, bell-shaped periwinkle blue flowers, which measure a full 7.5 cms across. Exceptional branching and thick flower petals make for long-lasting bloom. At just 20 cm (8”) in height it is suitable as an edger or for a rockery.

  • Height: 20 - 25 cm (8 - 10 in)
  • Spread: 15 - 25 cm (6 - 10 in)
  • Cold Hardiness: Zone 3
  • Sun or Shade: sun to partial sun
  • Bloom Time: midsummer
  • Leaf Colour: green
  • Bloom Colour: blue

Growing and Maintenance Tips

Grow Platycodon in average well drained soil in sun to partial sun. It is tap rooted so it resents disturbance and is difficult to divide.