Delphinium Pagan Purples

Available mid June

Delphinium Pagan Purples


The New Millenniumâ„¢ series from New Zealand have been bred to have stronger stems, more petals and richer colours. If you have struggled to grow delphiniums give these beauties a try. They have been very long lived in our trial gardens. 'Pagan Purples' features the deepest, richest shades of violet and midnight-blue yet, with multiple hues on individual blooms. The flowers are produced over a period of three weeks. Cut back the first flush of bloom to stimulate rebloom. 

  • Height: 122 - 183 cm (48 - 72 in)
  • Spread: 45-51 cm (18-24 in)
  • Cold Hardiness: Zone 3-7
  • Sun or Shade: sun to light shade
  • Bloom Time: early summer with rebloom
  • Leaf Colour: green
  • Bloom Colour: purple
  • Critter Resistance: deer and rabbits
  • Nature Attraction: butterflies

Growing and Maintenance Tips

Delphiniums are fussier than a lot of other perennials. They require rich, well drained soil that has been amended with compost. The soil pH should be neutral to alkaline. If you soil is acidic amend with lime. They grow best in full sun. Although the Millenium series have stronger stems than older varieties, we still recommend staking to prevent damage from heavy wind and rain. If cut or deadheaded promptly after the first bloom expect an other show in late summer and early fall!