Athyrium x Ghost
Athyrium x Ghost photo courtesy of Walters Gardens

Ghost Fern

Athyrium 'Ghost' is a hybrid cross of the Lady Fern and the Japanese Painted Fern. The frosted apple green fronds have a ghostly white cast in the shade. The dark purple stems hold the broad fronds rigidly upright. 'Ghost' is a little taller than most of the Lady Ferns.

  • Height: 61 - 91 cm (24 - 36 in)
  • Spread: 46 - 61 cm (18 - 24 in)
  • Cold Hardiness: Zone 3
  • Sun or Shade: partial shade
  • Bloom Time: grown only for foliage
  • Leaf Colour: apple green
  • Bloom Colour: does not flower
  • Critter Resistance: rabbits

Growing and Maintenance Tips

Lady Ferns are easy to grow in humusy, organically rich soil that is evenly moist. The prefer a neutral to moderately acidic soil. The soil should not be allowed to dry out throughout the growing season. Some early morning or late afternoon sun is required to bring out the foliage colours. Leave the old foliage on the plant to protect the crowns over the winter. Remove them in the spring as the new fronds begin to sprout. Division is seldom required but, if necessary, can be done in the spring.