Molinia caerulea Variegata

available mid May

Molinia caerulea Variegata

Variegated Purple Moor Grass

About This Grass

Molinia caerulea 'Variegata' forms a low mop-like mound of narrow leaves striped lengthwise with green and creamy yellow. The arching golden stems hold loose wands of purplish flowers. This grass grows best in moist, rich acid soil and will take full sun as long as there is a consistent supply of moisture. In our area it appreciates a little shade from the hot afternoon sun.

  • Height: 60 - 76 cm (24-30 in)
  • Spread: 30 - 60 cm (12-24 in)
  • Cold Hardiness: zone 3
  • Sun or Shade: Sun to part shade
  • Bloom Time: late Summer
  • Leaf Colour: green and white variegated
  • Bloom Colour: purple tinged
  • Critter Resistance: deer and rabbits
  • Nature Attraction: none

Growing and Maintenance Tips

Molina is easily grown in average, medium to wet, well-drained soil. It prefers acidic soils with consistent moisture. It is slow growing and will take a few years to make a nice clump. It does not like hot weather and resents drying out so, in our garden we have found it prefers some afternoon shade. Unlike many of the ornamental grasses, the foliage and flower stalks of moor grass breaks down and falls over in late fall so it is best to cut it down before the snow.