Miscanthus sinensis Silberfeder

available late May

Miscanthus sinensis Silberfeder

Silver Grass

About This Grass

Miscanthus sinensis 'Silberfeder' is a big grass with impressive silver white plumes in August The foliage appears to be green but up close you can see the silver midrib. This is a vigorous and easy to grow clump forming grass for a bigger space. Our clump, that has been in our garden for 10 years, is over 1.5 meters across.

  • Height: 213 - 274 cm (7-9 ft)
  • Spread: 91 - 152 cm (36-60 in)
  • Cold Hardiness: zone 4
  • Sun or Shade: Sun
  • Bloom Time: late Summer
  • Leaf Colour: green with white midrib
  • Bloom Colour: copper maturing to silver
  • Critter Resistance: deer and rabbits
  • Nature Attraction: birds

Growing and Maintenance Tips

Miscanthus prefers moist but well drained soil in full sun to partial sun. It is adaptable to many soil types including clay and sandy soils. The clump expands slowly by short rhizomes but will retain a tight clumping form. The foliage should be left standing throughout the winter for visual interest and to provide protection for the crown.