Allison's Wedding

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Daylily 'Allison's Wedding'  photo Suzanne Patry

  • Hybridizer: Hanson-C., 1999
  • Height: 109 cm, (43 in)
  • Bloom Size: 15 cm, (6 in)
  • Bloom Season: early-midseason, rebloom
  • Ploidy: tetraploid
  • Foliage Type: semi-evergreen
  • Fragrance: fragrant
  • Bud Count: 26
  • Branches: 5
  • Parentage: ( Lingering Splendor x Tidal Pool )

About This Daylily

Daylily ' Allison's Wedding' contrasts soft delicate color with exceptionally large robust plants. It is a smooth and feminine shade of pastel pink with hints of orchid. The large, fully formed flowers are round and symmetrical with complimenting gentle ruffles and wide sepals. The tall scapes with six-way branching display the flowers well above the lush foliage. It has exhibited strong rebloom in our garden.


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