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Terms of Sale

Ordering Plants

If you are reserving plants for pick up later in the season or requesting a special order of plants we do not have in stock a deposit of half the price is required.


At the nursery we accept payment by cash, cheque, debit cards and Visa or Mastercard.

If you are ordering daylilies or hostas by mail, all orders must be paid in full before shipping. We accept personal cheques, money orders and VISA or Mastercard credit cards. Please do not send cash. All credit card orders must include card number, card holder name as displayed on card, card expiry date and the three digit security code on the back of the card. We accept orders by mail and credit card orders by mail, fax ((613)-256-6827) or telephone. Do not send your card number by e-mail because the line is not secure. You can place your order electronically but please call us with your credit card information.

Shipping Dates for Daylilies and Hostas

We cannot begin shipping or accept pick up orders before the middle of May because we often have cold weather which keeps plants dormant until well into May. We book our shipping dates in the order that we receive your orders. The first orders that we receive are the first orders that we ship. We ship at the beginning of the week to ensure that your plants do not sit in the post office over a weekend.


We work hard to keep our prices competitive and our quality high. Compare our prices for the same varieties and sizes with other nurseries. We think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Sales tax

All sales at the nursery are subject to HST at 13%. For sales tax on mail orders please download the order form.


Please list acceptable substitutions on your order form. No matter how hard we try, we cannot completely eliminate the problem of sold out items or crop failures.

When substitutions are not possible and you have payed by cheque please indicate on the order form whether you would like us to issue a credit toward a future order or send you a refund.

If you trust us to substitute we will always send you a plant or equal or greater value and a free plant for every substitute that we must make.

Shipping and Handling Charges

Ontario and Quebec are $ 11.00 plus 50 cents per plant. All other provinces are $20.00 plus 50 cents per plant. We ship by Canada Post.

Plant size

We have received many compliments from our customers on the exceptional size and quality of the plants we have shipped.

Daylilies: Unless noted, we ship double fan divisions or larger.

Hostas: We ship good sized roots not tiny tissue culture plugs. The total size of the root will be proportional to the plant size. Some miniature hostas have very small roots even though they are well-established plants.

Pick up at the nursery

If you would prefer to pick up your plants, omit the shipping charges from your order. Please call and let us know when you want your order to be ready for pick up. Not all varieties are available without prior notice. Many of our plants remain in the field until required.

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