Valley's Paparazzi

New for 2018 (limited availability)

Hosta 'Valley's Paparazzi' Photo courtesy of Naylor Creek Nursery

  • Hybridizer: Linneman 2015
  • Bloom Time: mid summer
  • Bloom Colour: lavender
  • Leaf Colour: blue green with yellow margin
  • Diameter:
  • 61-70 cm (24-28 in)
  • Height:
  • 36-41 cm (14-16 in)

About This Hosta

Hosta 'Valley's Paparazzi' has intensely blue green leaves with a variable yellow margin that turns white later in the summer. It gets the attractive purple petioles from Deane's Dream' of which it is a sport. The leaves display large gentle waves that fold upward. Lavender flowers on purple petioles are produced in July. 

New for 2018 (limited availability)
$28.00 - 1 gal