Valley's Lemon Squash

New for 2018

Hosta 'Valley's Lemon Squash' photo courtesy of  Naylor Creek Nursery

  • Hybridizer: Jeroen Linneman 2013 NR
  • Bloom Time: late summer
  • Bloom Colour: lavender
  • Leaf Colour: lemon yellow
  • Diameter:
  • 45-51cm (18-20 in)
  • Height:
  • 30-36 cm (12-14 in)

About This Hosta

Hosta 'Valley's Lemon Squash' has bright, vibrant lemon yellow leaves with wavy margins and bright purple petioles. The distinctive chalky white underside of the leaf is the result of a cross between two pychnophylla seedlings which have this unusual characteristic. This is a really distinctive hosta which deserves a prominent place in a hosta garden.

New for 2018
$30.00 - 1 gal