Giantland Sunny Mouse Ears
photo of Hosta 'Giantland Sunny Mouse Ears' courtesy of Q and Z Nursery

  • Hybridizer: Meyer/Miller 2011
  • Bloom Time: summer
  • Bloom Colour: lavender
  • Leaf Colour: gold aging to chartreuse
  • Diameter:
  • 23-25 cm (9-10 in)
  • Height:
  • 8-10 cm (3-4 in)

About This Hosta

This first gold "Mouse Ears" resulted from the unusual cross of 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd' and 'Blue Mouse Ears'. 'Giantland Sunny Mouse Ears' has round gold leaves that are incredibly thick. The bright gold gives way to a more chartreuse colouring as the season progresses. The flowers are pale purple. It is a unique little hosta for the mini garden.

$16- 1 quart