Clematis Violet Stardust

Available mid June

Clematis 'Violet Stardust' photo courtesy of Walters Gardens

Bush Clematis

This broad leaved hybrid Clematis is a cross between two distinct species, giving it a unique look and performance in the garden. The clump is covered with a profusion of small, blue violet, four to five-petaled, star-shaped nodding flowers. The centers of the flowers have creamy white anthers that contrast beautifully with the petals. This is a non-vining or bush-type Clematis, so the plant will benefit from support, either from staking or from neighboring plants. If allowed to ramble without staking, it will spread to about 1 meter across.

Growing and Maintenance Tips

This Clematis can be grown in full sun or light shade, but its base and roots should be shaded. We like to use bush clematis interplanted among perennials and shrubs where they are naturally shaded by their neighbours. A thick layer of mulch will also help to keep the soil moist. Bush type Clematis prefer to be grown in average, well-drained, slightly alkaline soil. Adding lime to the soil will help to provide these conditions if your soil is naturally acidic. When planting clematis, it is important to plant it deeper than it was in the original pot. Bury the entire first set of leaves to encourage the production of strong shoots from below soil level and to discourage clematis wilt.

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