Clematis Rhapsody
Clematis Rhapsody


Clematis ‘Rhapsody’ has beautiful, big deep blue blooms accented with yellow anthers. As the flowers age, the blue intensifies in colour. ‘Rhapsody’ is an outstanding cultivar reaching 2.4 metres and flowering freely from July through September. It will grow well on a trellis or fence or allowed to scramble through a large shrub. 


Growing and Maintenance Tips

Many gardening books tell you to plant clematis with their "head in the sun and their feet in the shade". The truth it that clematis will grow well in full sun but they need constant moisture. Shading the roots with mulch or shallow rooted plants will help to maintain the moisture in the soil. Clematis also need an extensive root run so it is necessary to dig a large hole and amend it with lots of compost. Clematis 'Rhapsody' flowers on both new and old wood so simply prune it back to actively growing buds at about 90 cm in the spring or just leave it to sprout and trim as desired.

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