Hydrangea paniculata Fire Light Tidbit
Hydrangea 'Firelight Tidbit' photo courtesy of Spring Meadow Nursery

Panicle Hydrangea

'Fire Light Tidbit' is a dwarf hydrangea, a bit like 'Bobo' but with a lower, mounded habit and a lot more colour. Big, lush panicles emerge a bright lime green and transition to white, mophead flowers  in early-mid summer, nearly obscuring the textured green foliage. As the summer progresses, they begin to develop bright pink and red tones, which keep it colorful right on up to the first frost.  It is a perfect little front of the border plant  that, as a bonus, will often give you a nice display of orange-red autumn foliage.

Growing and Maintenance Tips

Hydrangea 'Fire Light Tidbit' is very easy to grow, adapting to a broad range of soil conditions. Full sun to light shade in well drained, organically rich soil with even moisture will produce the best growth.  Pruning should be done in early spring to shape the shrub and keep it the size you want.

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