Sempervivum Whitehouse Nursery and Display Gardens

Hens-and-Chickens, Hen-and-Chicks

These much loved succulents form evergreen rosettes with little offshoots known as "chicks". Starry flowers are produced on short stems in summer. The rosette that produces the flower spike tends to die off so small offshoots should be rooted to replace the "mother" plant. There are hundreds of varieties of "Semps" so collecting them can be fun. We carry a nice selection of "Semps" throughout the season featuring many of the newer and more unusual colours.

Growing and Maintenance Tips

Sempervivums are easy to grow, tolerating hot dry sites and poor soil. They perform best in gritty, well drained soil and dislike wet conditions especially in thw winter. They grow fairly slowly, but over time will make a dense mat.

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