Sedum Pure Joy
Sedum 'Pure Joy photo courtesy of Walters Gardens

Autumn Stonecrop

In the spring, very small, sharply serrated leaves emerge in a lovely blue green shade. They form a rounded, low mound that is perfect for edging the front of the border. As the plant ages the leaves expand and turn lighter green, forming a short, semi-upright clump. During late summer and early fall a massive dome of bubblegum pink, star-shaped flowers completely cover the foliage followed by deeper pink seed heads later in fall. Pair this plant with other fall bloomers like hardy garden mums or asters and smaller Ornamental Grasses.

  • Height: 30 - 30 cm (12 - 12 in)
  • Spread: 41 - 51 cm (16 - 20 in)
  • Cold Hardiness: Zone 3
  • Sun or Shade: sun to partial sun
  • Bloom Time: late summer
  • Leaf Colour: green
  • Bloom Colour: pink
  • Critter Resistance: rabbits
  • Nature Attraction: bees and butterflies

Growing and Maintenance Tips

Sedums are "plant and forget" perennials. Because of their ability to store water in their thick succulent leaves they are very drought tolerant. They do well in average well drained soil in full sun to light shade. Do not add extra organic material because this will make the plants floppy.