Perovskia Rocketman
Perovskia Rocketman

Russian Sage

'Rocketman' is a new introduction that doesn't get too tall, has stronger stems and a more upright habit than most other varieties. Its aromatic, grey-green leaves cover the entire silvery stems. Each stem is topped with large, fluffy textured, lavender blue flowers beginning in midsummer. Like most Perovskias, the colorful calyxes remain on the stems long after the flowers are spent, making it look like it is still blooming long after it is actually done. You'll have great color on this plant from about July through October.

Growing and Maintenance Tips

This is the ideal plant for hot, dry situations! Russian Sage is classified as a subshrub or woody perennial. It performs very well in full sun and any well-drained soil. Average to dry moisture levels are ideal, and few pests bother this plant. If pruning is necessary, do so in Spring when new growth appears. Prune back to just above the lowest bud.

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