Perovskia Blue Jean Baby

available mid June

Perovskia 'Blue Jean Baby' photo courtesy of Walters Gardens

Russian Sage

Perovskia 'Blue Jean Baby' is a shorter, more manageable Russian Sage that will still grow well in the landscape. Lavender blue flowers held in smoky purple calyxes bloom for a long period starting in midsummer with the colour from the calyxes lasting after the flowers have dropped. 

Growing and Maintenance Tips

This is the ideal plant for hot, dry situations! Russian Sage is classified as a subshrub or woody perennial. It performs very well in full sun and any well-drained soil. Average to dry moisture levels are ideal, and few pests bother this plant. If pruning is necessary, do so in Spring when new growth appears. Prune back to just above the lowest bud.

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