Fallopia japonica
Fallopia japonica photo courtesy of Paridon Horticultural

Variegated Japanese Fleece Flower

Fallopia japonica 'Variegata' is a beautiful foliage plant with white splashed leaves, pink stems and coral coloured new growth. It is very attractive in a shady corner, gradually growing like a small shrub. During the summer it produces fine sprays of white flowers on the ends of the stem. Although the flowers are insignificant, their fragrance attracts bees and butterflies. It dies to the ground each winter. It is late to emerge in the spring, but when it does, it grows rapidly.

  • Height: 91 - 122 cm (36 - 48 in)
  • Spread: 91 - 122 cm (36 - 48 in)
  • Cold Hardiness: Zone 4
  • Sun or Shade: partial shade to filtered shade
  • Bloom Time: summer
  • Leaf Colour: green and white
  • Bloom Colour: white
  • Nature Attraction: butterflies and bees

Growing and Maintenance Tips

Unlike the green Japanese Knotweed which is a highly invasive relative, this plant will spread but has never been invasive in our garden. It grows in average to moist soil in light to deeper shade. In a lot of shade its growth will be leggy and not as attractive. Moisture is the key to growing this plant well because it does not like to dry out.