Dianthus Kahori Scarlet
Dianthus Kahori Scarlet

Border Pinks

This new outstanding variety, part of the KahoriĀ® series from Japan, forms a low clump of grassy grey-green foliage.  It has a long summer display of fragrant, single, scarlet flowers with a white eye. It is well suited for edging and the rock garden. It is very attractive to butterflies. Deadhead the spent flowers to encourage additional bloom.

Growing and Maintenance Tips

Dianthus grow best in loose, well-drained, neutral to slightly alkaline soils. Dianthus can be grown in full sun or part shade, but the foliage will not be as lush and fewer flowers will be produced if it is grown in hot, dry areas. Regular watering during prolonged dry spells will be necessary. However, they are tolerant of short periods of dryness. Plant them at the same level they were growing in the pots, Pinch or snip off dead flowers to prevent seed formation and encourage additional blooming. At the end of the growing season, cut flower stems back to the ground. Mulch is helpful but keep it away from the crown of the plant.

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