Asarum europeaum
Asarum europeaum photo courtesy of Paridon Horticultural

European Ginger, Hazelwort

Asarum europeaum differs from our native Ginger by having smaller kidney-shaped glossy green leaves. It is a slow grower but will gradually form a really attractive dense mat. The odd looking bell shaped flowers are insignificant. This Ginger is a very valuable plant in a shade garden because its foliage compliments so many other perennials. It looks beautiful paired with small ferns, Epimediums and Tiarellas.

Growing and Maintenance Tips

Asarum europeaum is easy to grow in rich, moist well drained soil in part to full shade. It prefers acidic soil and will tolerate a lot of shade. It spreads slowly by rhizomes to form a dense mat. It has also self seeded in our garden. It has no serious insect or disease problems although slugs and snails have been known to nibble on the leaves.

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