Anemone Curtain Call Pink
Anemone 'Curtain Call Pink' photo courtesy of Walters Gardens

Japanese Anemone

This fall blooming Anemone is one of the last to bloom in the garden. Beginning in late summer, 'Curtain  Call Pink' produces bright rose pink flowers that are positioned right above a compact mound of green foliage. The flowers are fuller than single, producing a double row of petals. Its shorter stature lends itself well to containers, and in combination with other perennials. This is a perfect companion for other fall bloomers, such as Coneflowers, Ornamental Grasses, and Sedum.

Growing and Maintenance Tips

Japanese anenomes are easy to grow when properly sited. They can be grown in full sun if a consistant supply of moisture is available but they will do best with protection from the hot afternoon sun. Dappled afternoon shade is ideal. They prefer rich, loose, well-drained soil. Dry or excessively wet soil may kill them. Anemone spread by creeping rhizomes, and new plants may appear near the original clump in the spring. They are easily transplanted if they show up where they are not wanted. This should be done in the spring. Make sure to provide a heavy mulch in the fall the first two seasons to prevent frost heaving. Deer and rabbits typically don't bother this plant and it has no serious pest or disease issues.

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