Alchemilla sericata Goldstrike
Alchemilla sericata Goldstrike photo courtesy of Paridon Horticultural

Lady's Mantle

Alchemilla mollis 'Goldstrike' is a selected form of Lady's Mantle that is a little smaller and tighter than the species. The flowers also tend to stay more upright on this plant. Use 'Goldstrike' along the edge of a pathway where its foliage can billow out over the edge of the path. It is also a lovely complement to roses and blends well with almost all colours of flowers.

Growing and Maintenance Tips

Alchemilla mollis is an easy care perennial that adapts to a wide range of soil conditions except wet sites. It does perform well in clay. It is not drought tolerant and needs to be watered in periods of drought. After flowering a light shearing will freshen up the plant and promote new growth. It dies to the ground completely in the winter so old leaves should be sheared to crown level in the spring. It will grow in full sun but the foliage will look best where there is some protection from the hot afternoon sun.

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