Ajuga Feathered Friends™ Fierce Falcon
Ajuga 'Fierce Falcon' photo courtesy of Ajuga Feathered Friends


f you want a bold, dramatic groundcover, Ajuga 'Fierce Falcon' will be perfect. The large, puckered leaves are so dark, they appear to be black. Though this perennial is mainly grown for foliage, it has cobalt blue flowers that bloom during early summer, adding even more colour to this groundcover. If the colour doesn’t catch your eye, the leaves sure will after rain or morning dew. They absolutely glisten when wet! 

Growing and Maintenance Tips

Ajuga performs best in morning sun and afternoon shade but will grow in more shade although it may not perform as well. It spreads by runners, and if happy, will make a dense mat. Ajuga is tolerant of a broad range of soil conditions and will even tolerate very poor soil. It will not tolerate wet sites and will be susceptible to crown rot where air circulation is poor and the site does not drain. The foliage is evergreen, although in our climate, foliage may be a little tattered by the spring. Be patient because fresh growth will quickly replace damaged foliage once the weather warms. To keep the plant looking neat spent flowers may be snipped off.

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