Achillea ptarmica Peter Cottontail
Achillea 'Peter Cottontail' photo courtesy fo Walters Gardens


Achillea 'Peter Cottontail' looks more like Baby's Breath than Achillea. It has large, ivory white flowers that are produced over a low, mounding mound of green foliage. Compared to A. millefolium types, the flower clusters on this perennial are more singular and well-spaced-great for adding texture to the garden.  Despite the name it is deer and rabbit resistant!

Growing and Maintenance Tips

Yarrow is an easy care plant that grows best in full sun. It thrives in a wide range of soils but does best in well drained soil. Yarrow will even grow in very poor dry soils with low fertility soil. Avoid fertilizing or overwatering or the plant can become  leggy.


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