Frozen Margarita
Photo of Hosta 'Frozen Margarita' courtesy of Suzanne Patry

  • Hybridizer: Solber 2003
  • Bloom Time: mid summer
  • Bloom Colour: near white
  • Leaf Colour: gold to chartreuse with white margin
  • Diameter:
  • 101-106 cm (40-42 in)
  • Height:
  • 51-60 cm (20-24 in)

About This Hosta

Hosta 'Frozen Margarita' is a sport of 'Fried Bananas' with the same shiny gold leaves but with an attractive thin white margin. This attractive hosta is sun and heat tolerant. The leaves are more chartreuse when grown in more shade. Fragrant, near white flowers adorn this hosta in late summer.

$16.00 - 1gal