Pennisetum rubrum

Available Mid May

Pennisetum rubrum photo at Whitehouse Perennials

Purple Fountain Grass

Gracefully arching, wine-purple foliage topped with burgundy, soft bottlebrush plumes appear in midsummer. Enjoy its winter interest too--the plumes and the leaves will turn a subtle straw colour after the first hard freeze. Purple Fountain Grass is splendid in containers, around ponds, or as a focal point in the garden. This grass is an annual in our area.

Growing and Maintenance Tips

Purple Fountain Grass needs a sunny location with well-drained soil. It should be given plenty of room in the garden with at least 90cm feet between plants. Dig a hole both deep and wide enough to accommodate the roots and then water your purple fountain grass thoroughly after planting. Plant it in an area protected from strong winds. If you are using it in a container use commercial potting mix appropriate for containers.

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