Tsuga canadensis Moon Frost

Available early May

Tsuga canadensis 'Moon Frost' photo courtesy of Iseli Nursery

Canadian Hemlock

Bright, white, new growth with older, inner foliage that retains a light tone combine to give this plant a distinctly white appearance. In the winter the foliage often takes on a blush of pink. A compact globe when young, 'Moon Frost' broadens and increases its growth rate with age, but remains a reliably small, dwarf plant.

Growing and Maintenance Tips

Tsuga 'Moon Frost' is best situated in part shade where it is protected from strong drying winds and hot afternoon sun. It will grow in average to moist soil conditions but will not tolerate wet sites. It will adapt to a wide range of soil conditions but prefers acidic soil. It should not be allowed to dry out and will benefit from a mulch to conserve soil moisture. Any pruning should be done from late May to June with nothing after mid summer.

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