Chamaecyparis obtusa Fernspray Gold

Not available 2017 Archived for information only

Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Fernspray Gold' photo courtesy of Iseli Nursery

False Cypress

Arching sprays of golden, fern-like foliage make 'Fernspray Gold' an arresting specimen for the landscape. Each unique, flattened branch tapers to a point just like a fern frond. It needs some sun to develop the best colour but avoid very exposed hot sites.

Growing and Maintenance Tips

'Fernspray Gold' prefers average to moist well drained soil in a sheltered location. It is on the edge of hardiness in our area so will benefit from a winter wrap in a site that is not well sheltered. It can be shaped if desired when it is young to promote a more uniform symmetrical shape.

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