Arundo Donax Versicolour, Variegata

available late May

Arundo Donax Versicolour, Variegata

Variegated Giant Reed Grass

About This Grass

Leaves of Arundo Donax Versicolour are broad and strongly striped with creamy yellow and green. This variety does not grow as rapidly or as big as the green variety . However, it does make a really striking centerpiece in a grass garden or mixed border. This variety has also survived for over five years in our grass garden.

Growing and Maintenance Tips

Arundo Donax Variegata is adaptable to many soil types but will not tolerate sites that are wet in the winter. In our area the canes can be left standing in the winter and extra mulch piled around them. If you cut it down protect the plant with a styrofoam rose cone.

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