Picea abies Frohburg

May 2017

Picea bies Frohburg courtesy of Iseli Nursery


Picea abies 'Frohburg' is a narrower form of Weeping Norway Spruce. It has a strictly pendulous habit with a full spreading skirt and a slower growth rate. Its finer texture is the result of shorter, slender, medium green needles. This is the perfect slection for  a landscape with limited space.

  • Height: dependent on staking
  • Spread: dependent on staking
  • Cold Hardiness: Zone 3
  • Sun or Shade: sun
  • Foliage Colour: green
  • Shape: weeping

Growing and Maintenance Tips

Picea abies Frohburg has a naturally weeping habit. It is staked at the nursery and will continue to grow upright as long as it is kept firmly staked in an upright form. It does produce a widely spreading skirt which will eventually form a very dense carpet around the base of the conifer. 

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